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Danielle W. Turner
Self-Care Advocate | Retreat Host | Speaker | Therapist| Podcast Host | Best Selling Author

My Story

From feeling lost to inner harmony and peace!


In 2012, I found myself plummeting into the depths of a profound despair. The end of my marriage, after nearly two decades together, left me stranded in a vast black hole of anguish. It was a struggle like no other, one that made me question my very existence. The thoughts swirling through my mind whispered, urging me to give up, to surrender the fight for my own survival.


But I refused to succumb to the darkness. I knew deep down that there had to be a way out, a glimmer of hope waiting to be discovered. So, with whatever strength I had left, I reached out for help. Little did I know that the individuals who were there to assist me would not mirror my experiences. They didn't look like me, talk like me, or truly understand the immense pain I was enduring. Their efforts fell short in healing the wounds etched within my soul.


Still, I refused to let their inability to comprehend my struggle deter me. I was determined to find solace and reclaim my sense of self. The path ahead was daunting and filled with uncertainty. I battled with ongoing self-doubt, wrestled with profound sadness, grappled with crippling loneliness, and wrestled with the relentless grip of anxiety and depression.


But through sheer determination, I refused to give up. I immersed myself in the task of healing, starting by seeking therapy. This time, I made a conscious decision to choose a therapist who shared my background, who looked like me and who could empathize with my journey. Her presence made all the difference, and I began to unravel the tangled mess within me, one thread at a time.


I also discovered the power of support networks. I learned the value of self-care, creating a plan tailored specifically to my needs. It became the foundation upon which I rebuilt my shattered spirit.


As I emerged from the depths of my own personal struggle, a realization struck me. I noticed other women navigating the treacherous paths of challenging life transitions, facing battles similar to mine. And I knew then, with unwavering certainty, that it was my calling, my mission, to provide them with a space to be seen, heard, validated, and truly understood.


And so, I set forth on a journey to create a haven for women like me—a sanctuary where their pain would be acknowledged, their voices amplified, and their journeys toward healing honored. In that space, they would find solace, strength, and companionship. They would learn the value of self-care, reclaim their essence, and build their faith.  They would again have inner harmony.


My mission is to help empower woman navigating challenging life transitions by providing transformative services. I know, deep within my soul, that no woman should ever have to face her darkest days alone. We are meant to lift each other up, to hold each other's hands as we navigate the tumultuous waters of life's transitions. Together, we can conquer the storms and emerge stronger, wiser, and more resilient than ever before. - Danielle

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